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Subject: Favorite performer
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soxboy 29.08.09 - 06:10pm
If u could hang out with ur fav country perfomer who would it be * 23.09.09 - 10:30pm
Rascal flatts.they rule *

soxboy 24.09.09 - 03:02pm
I agree rascal flatts rule just like u bud ur da best *

keanu09 13.07.12 - 06:09am
Rex allen *

piskey 7.06.14 - 03:37pm
A band sadly no longer with us. The Karl Denver Trio. Karl's main genre was country, especially hillbilly yodelling but also did many other genre. His most famous songs were covers of Mexicali Rose, china doll, marcheta, Rose Marie. His biggest hit was the African tribal song Wimoweh. He was also the first to air The Beatles on his radio show side by side. His voice ranged from dark baritone to a powerful strident falsetto. He was the first from uk to sing on the grand ol oprey show. *

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